A new Bureau for IFAA, clear actions for a sustainable and quality ANC


In its press release of 29th january, the IFAA - a trade union representing the French Industrial Companies of Autonomous Sanitation - announced the election of its new Board of Directors at its Extraordinary General Assembly on 17th january in Paris.

The members entrusted the presidency to Marc SENGELIN (Sotralentz-Habitat France) and the vice-presidency to François LE LAN (Tricel), Jérôme VACHÉ (Abas), Michel DALMAS (EDANC) and Jacques OLES (GIE-GVA). Martin WERCKMANN (Aquatiris) was appointed treasurer. 

«The IFAA wishes to co-construct tomorrow's Non-Collective Sanitation (NAC) within a framework of peaceful relations between all the actors of the profession. In this sense, we have committed ourselves alongside the CNATP and the FNSA in a constructive approach entitled "Professionals of the ANC" in order to promote the skills and know-how of ANC's trades in the service of users and environmental protection. This is so that everyone can exercise their profession by assuming their responsibilities.

Everyone has his or her own job and responsibilities ! 

Moreover, our vision of the ANC is clear and well known for more than 10 years, our objectives have not changed, we confirm today the intention and reinforce the action. In this way, the IFAA reinforces its role as a major and essential partner for the ANC's industrialists with the common objective of promoting the quality and sustainability of the installations ». Marc SENGELIN, President of IFAA 

In this regard, IFAA supports the proposals formulated by the Ministries within the framework of the NAPAC concerning the establishment of a renewable product approval backed by a national in situ monitoring labelled.

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