The Environmental Code prohibits the dumping of lubricants, new or used oils into surface water, groundwater or the street. In this sense, all surfaces such as petrol stations, washing areas, car parks, roads, etc. must be equipped with oil separators that trap light liquids present in the runoff water due to differences in density.

Our multi-material production allows us to offer you a range of hydrocarbon separators in painted steel, polyethylene and GRP. All meet the design requirements of NF EN 858-1 and XP P16-451-1/CN. They are CE marked, part of which is NF certified. 

Our machines are all equipped with a sludge separator allowing to trap dense particles with a diameter > 200µm (sand, sludge), a coalescence system allowing the meeting of hydrocarbons between them and an automatic shutter avoiding any risk of accidental pollution and if necessary a bypass.

Finally, our sludge and oil level alarms warn you in case of saturation of the device in accordance with the ministerial order of January 27,2006 which makes it mandatory to set up an oil level alarm.