Transport, heating, waste incineration, industrial, agricultural and other activities are all risks of pollution for our environment.

Heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides and suspended solids accumulated in dry weather on soils, roofs and in the atmosphere can reach groundwater bodies and streams during rainfall. It is therefore crucial to treat stormwater and remove all forms of pollution from it.

We offer a wide range of particulate decanters made of corrosion-resistant, lighter than steel, glass-fibre reinforced polyester (PRV) for easier installation. All our decanters are equipped with a sedimentation compartment where the slats with channels settle fine particles. Depending on the range, they are accompanied by a mud trapper to trap coarse particles and floating particles, and an automatic shutter or a siphoid bulkhead to prevent the release of hydrocarbons. 

Particulate Decanters

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