The Water and Aquatic Environments Act of 30 December 2006, a reference document for our teams, requires everyone to treat their natural waters. Municipalities are required to define the areas in which facilities must be provided for collecting, storing and, if necessary, treating rainwater and runoff.

During heavy rains, the amount of water arriving at treatment plants increases and saturates them. This excess water is therefore diverted to stormwater basins. In addition to their temporary storage role, the latter enable them to assume secondary roles in the treatment of wastewater: settling suspended solids, retaining toxic products and hydrocarbons and diluting salts. Flow control structures also allow the depollution efforts to be concentrated on the flows retained through the installation of suitable structures (particulate decanters).

Our pond equipment provides you with the optimal solutions for treating, diverting and regulating flows within the framework of your stormwater management works.

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