Maxi polyethylene storage tank - aerial installation

One-piece, flat-cast, rotational molded tank made of stabilized high-density polyethylene U.V.

- Storage tanks have been designed for all air storage and intra-site fluid transport problems. - The surface of the support must be flat and solid. - Very simple maintenance, a simple rinsing allows to clean the tank.

- Tank molded in one piece, without bonding or welding, so perfectly waterproof. - Excellent shock resistance, high robustness. - Smooth inner surface prevents deposits and makes cleaning easier. - Translucent wall to see the level of content. - Niche, in the lower part of the front, protecting the valve. - Optional support for forklift handling on CH1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & 5000.
- CV151 Screw cap, diameter 150 with O-ring for CHA0300.
- CV270 Screw cap, diameter 270 for CHA0600 & CHA1000 - CV400S Screw cap, diameter 400 for CHA1500, CHA2000, CHA3000 & CHA5000 -Draining: DN25 valve for CHA03000 and CHA0600, valve in DN40 for CHA1000, CHA1500 and CHA2000, valve in DN50 for CHA3000 and CHA5000