Customised PRV lifting station

A Maxylift lifting or discharge station allows for the collection of wastewater and/or stormwater in all cases where effluents arrive lower than the point where they are to be discharged. The Maxylift is a prefabricated factory assembly designed to simplify the installer's job. The shell is made of glass reinforced polyester (PRV) by cross filamentary winding, ensuring an excellent mechanical resistance and an anti-corrosion guarantee (in particular against H2S which attacks materials such as concrete). 

Special features of the Maxylift range in GRP:
Tanks Ø1000,1300,1600,1900 or 2300.
Standard heights from 1.5 m to 6 m and more on request.
Factory pre-equipped stations (internal piping / fittings / guide bars) to receive the pumps directly on site during commissioning.
Custom-made control cabinets.
Options on demand

Wastewater or stormwater collection in all cases where effluents arrive lower than the point where they are to be discharged. 
Post intended to be buried outside a building allowing great accessibility for maintenance.
Depending on the choice of pumps, our stations receive and monitor waste water or clear water. The operating cycle for a lift or discharge station 2 pumps is as follows: when the effluent enters the station, the water level gradually rises and lifts the level controller No. 1 (the lowest), which informs the electrical cabinet of the possibility of starting one of the pumps. As soon as the water level raises regulator No. 2, a first pump is switched on. When the water level drops back down and lowers regulator 1, the pump stops. When the water level rises and controller No. 2 gives the start up information, the second pump is activated because there is alternating operation of the pumps. If the water level continues to rise after a pump has been switched on, it reaches controller No. 3, which activates the second pump. In this case, both pumps operate at the same time until the water level drops to controller 1.
See installation instructions P035. 
Our prefabricated stations are ready to be installed as soon as they are delivered. The station will be positioned perfectly level at the bottom of the excavation. The backfill will be carried out according to the height of the post and the nature of the terrain. The installer will take all the usual precautions to ensure a good stability of the structure according to the nature of the ground. 
Note: The setting of the level controllers depends on whether the pumps are submersible or submersible. 
Regular checks to be carried out: 
On pumps: oil level, tightening of the supply cable gland, motor insulation. 
On the cabinet: fuses, terminal block clamps, lamps. 
On level regulators: clean them if they are covered with grease or debris, check the contacts. 
If the bar screen option has been selected, empty the basket regularly. 
Inform users to prohibit the disposal of wipes in waste water systems connected to the lifting station. 
We remind users of the obligation to sign a maintenance contract with a specialised company approved by SIMOP as soon as it is put into service. The guarantee of our devices is subject to this condition.