FTE2/6009 and INR reinforced water tanks with built-in pre-filter from 3 to 8m3 made of polyethylene - for difficult ground or laying without slab with a backfill height of 600mm

An all-water tank is a device designed to retain settling matters in domestic wastewater (wastewater from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, etc).
A complete water treatment system includes an all-water tank and a waste disposal system (sand filter, spreading system, etc.). The pre filter integrated into the all-water tank is located at the output and filters the pretreated effluent. This pre filter warns the user that the all-water tank needs draining and protects the treatment device downstream (sand filter, treatment system) against premature clogging by retaining non-settled particles.
The interministerial decree of 7 September 2009 provides for minimum dimensions.
Refer to the PHPE installation instructions before handling and installing the pit.

ATTENTION: the altimetric installation of the tank must be calculated in such a way that the height of the groundwater level does not exceed the inlet water line of the tank.
The polyethylene pits are insensitive to corrosion and do not require any special maintenance. In accordance with the interministerial decree of 07/09/09, it is necessary to carry out an emptying when the volume of sludge reaches 50% of the water volume of the pit.
After each emptying, immediately return the appliance to water.
Do not empty the units during periods of heavy rainfall.
No ventilation tapping is planned on the pit. The primary and secondary ventilation must be carried out respectively upstream and downstream of the pit (see standard XP P16-603, ex DTU 64.1, available from AFNOR).

Biennial guarantee. The winery benefits from a 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee.