Grease Traps in polyethylene for individual dwellings

The grease traps is a device disgned to trap, during the time required to their clarification, the household waste water which are full of greases and to stop these in order to collect them so as to they don't block the pipe.
The grease traps is mandatory when the all-water tank is distant more than 10m of the dwelling.

Choises :
- grease traps 200l : only for kitchen water
- grease traps 500l : for kitchen and bathroom water
Our grease traps in polyethylene have :
- a tank with a tap nozzle in inlet and outlet
- a screw-dawn cover which assure a perfect airtightness

Extension shaft : the grease traps 200l and 500l are proposed with extension shaft of height of 250mm (option RH502) or 500 mm (option RH505) which permit the protection against the frost. To reach the desired height, the extension shaft can be aimed the some on the others.
About the little community and professional installation, see our range of oil separator in the pre-treatment brochure.
The household waste water come in the device and collide with a tap nozzle and in this way they are directed toward the bottom go in the separation zone.

The most light greases than water pull up to the surface. The free water comes out after having passed by the tap nozzle.
The device will be installed outside of the bulding, but it will be placed as close as possible of kitchens to provide the fouling of the pipes.

This cover will arrived at the ground level. The flat bottom will be perfectly flat and recovered with 10 cm sand. The backfill will do with sand and in no instance with gravel or stone. The water filing will do at the same time of the infilling. In case of vehicle passing and in case of the cover can't arrived at the ground level without extension shaft , the device will receive a concrete slab taking support for the edges of the excavation and with a manhole cover. This slab will be calculated in order to resist to the imposed constraints.

The separator must be ventilated to permit the degassing. Any pomping installation must precede the seprator to provide the emulsion of the effluent.
The installaton is impossible in presence of phreatic table or a flooded ground.
We advise mainteance visits very frequently, at the minimum 4 times a year. It's necessary to remove the greases which are on grease traps surface.

Periodically, it's necessary to drain , then clean up the device and fill it immediately with clean water with a pipe which have an appropriate diameter.


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