Station d'épuration OXYMOP avec décanteur primaire de 361 à 500 EH en PRV - 2 OXYMOP in parallel

OXYMOP are compact activated sludge purification units, developed in polyester tanks, compartmentalized in an aeration tank followed by a clarifier located downstream of a primary clarifier.
Designed to treat household discharges from 60 to 980 users, these stations use the principle of prolonged aeration with recycling and automatic extraction of sludge decanted to the inlet of a primary clarifier.
These stations require maintenance because of their operating principle and their property to generate excess sludge (related to bacterial growth) to eliminate.
The primary settling channels + OXYMOP are designed to guarantee a discharge in a superficial hydraulic environment in accordance with the decree of 22 June 2007 after a start-up period of the micro-station of the order of 1 month. This discharge to the superficial hydraulic environment is subject to authorization by the administrative authorities.
Performance obtained *
BOD5 Less than 35 mg / l
COD Lower than 125 mg / l
MES Less than 35 mg / l

* This performance is achieved under normal conditions of use, care and maintenance in accordance with the instructions in this user guide. And in the case of a biodegradable effluent and whose concentrations are standard for a domestic effluent.
Note: In case of collection of effluent from the kitchens of a restaurant, a grease separator must be installed upstream of the die.

The primary decanter + Oxymop must be preceded by a degritter (which can be integrated into the lifting station if this is planned).
The effluents are admitted into the aeration basin at the outlet of the primary clarifier, the sludge (bacteria) suspended in the water to be treated are oxygenated sequentially. The sludge collected at the base of the secondary settling system is recirculated, regardless of aeration periods, excess sludge is returned to the primary clarifier.
Refer to the PHPRV-NC installation manual before handling and installing the tank.
For an establishment in hydromorphic terrain or in the presence of groundwater, the aquifer must not exceed the outlet water line.
Pre-seeding stations with biomass from activated sludge treatment with a volume equal to 1/3 of the activation pool.
A company authorized by SIMOP will connect, test and commission the station in the presence of the company that carried out the installation.
A manual is available on request
A maintenance contract must be signed with a specialist authorized by SIMOP as soon as it is put into service.
The guarantee of the results, the functioning as well as the electromechanical parts can be acquired only with this condition.