Filter die with compact filter BIONUT from 21 to 50 EH

The filters of the BIONUT MAX range are designed for the treatment of domestic wastewater, in the context of non-collective combined sanitation or the small collective of 21 to 50 equivalent inhabitants. These devices support intermittent operation and require no energy input. The treatment is based on the compact biological filter technique which reproduces the natural purification of water through the soil. These systems consist of a septic tank for pre-treatment of the effluent and a compact filter based on hazelnut shells for biological treatment.

BIONUT treatment is done in three steps:

  • pre-treatment, carried out by the all-water pit,
  • the biological treatment, realized by the compact filter based on hazelnut shells,
  • evacuation of the treated water.

Once out of the pit all waters, pretreated water arrives in the trough integrated in the tank. This flush feeds the distribution ramp to optimize the distribution of water on the filter surface. The water then percolates through the filter bed consisting of hazelnut shells on which are fixed aerobic bacteria that will ensure the treatment of water. The oxygen supply necessary for the development of the bacteria is done by a ventilation of 100 mm.

An economic sector :
- low footprint
- autonomous sector, no energy input required
- reduced maintenance cost
- no work required when renewing the filter media, thanks to its total accessibility.

An environmental system :
- 100% French product: innovation and design by SIMOP, hazelnut shells from France
- low carbon footprint
- no power consumption
- excellent purification performances in accordance with the regulations in force

An ecological system :
- natural material: massive filtering made from hazelnut shells
- renewable material
- recycled and recyclable material: ecological valuation of the shell which was a waste at the base; the shell will be sent to an approved center for composting or incineration at the end of the cycle

Refer to the general manual.

Commissioning is an important operation to validate the correct operation of the installation. It can be carried out by the user and / or a qualified professional, it must be carried out according to the recommendations described in the guide of the general manual.
The company ASSISTEAUX is approved by SIMOP to provide assistance to the commissioning of this sector.

All-water pit:
conventional and usual maintenance, drain the pit when the sludge level reaches 50% of the total volume, see the technical sheet corresponding to the pit.

BIONUT filter:
simple and fast maintenance, refer to the general manual.

The vat room is guaranteed for 10 years, if the conditions of installation and installation have been respected. The warranty period starts on the day of installation the guarantee is not dependent on the existence of a maintenance contract.

All warranties are set out in the general manual.